Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Mental and Intellectual

Not only does the body need exercise, But also our mind needs to develop. in developing our mental and intellectual means we make our self improvement, which can also influence other aspects of our Life. For example we increase our knowladge, education, learn more about life, mental exercise. All of these can improve our relationships, so we know how to treat people, maintain relationships either with oru partner or others;  improve our wealth, from books, seminar, workshop, training which can increase our knowladge, intellegence so we will improve our skills and also the way of thinking and decisions in work or business or investment. More reading and paritcipating in health seminar also give input for us so we will take more care the health and know how to do it.
education isn't for ourselves, but we also prepare or plan education for our children. We prepare good education for them as an investment for their future. And also because of they are our next generation to continue our business.
Our Children as the next generation have to continue our bussiness. Thus, we aren't only given the hair for them but also we transfer the spirit and business skills to them.
and if you have a bussiness you should not only educate your children but also your potential customers and existing customers. First, you educate your product knowledge or service or facilities that are provided you. Educate your customers as one of your Intellectual goals in Business.
Nowadays, " if your are an entrepreneur whatever your profession is, you must also master information technology 'Hi-Tech' such as computing. You should not only master the basic one but also master it more deeply such as : Networking, Information System, Concept, E-Commerce etc. So, you aren't just as an Enterpreneur but also a Technopreneur.

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Health

Besides setting goals in wealth, family and relationships, another goal that we must set up is in health. in healthy condition we have better concentration, more energy in doing our job and bussiness and also more take care our family and make better relationships with other people. 

health also can be built by thinking health. It founds so simple and unrelated. Just as you think success, expect it, visualize it, and feel you already attain it, so if you want to be healthy, you must think health, you must expect it and visualize it, you must attract it by making your mind a huge health magnet to attract more health, abundant of health. Actually at first the disease is in thought if the mind is filled with vision of ill, the body will coresspond because our body is an extension of our thought.

health is everlasting reality, disease is the absence of reality, it is only what it seems like. Never think of yourself as weak, disease, sick, deficiency in any faculty, in any function. Think of yourself as perfect, healthy, and immortal and your mind and body will tend to respond to this demand for wholeness and completeness.
if you think health, dream health, talk health and if you believe that you are going to be strong and healthy because this is your bithright. You will be living in healthiness and have power of divine mind over all sickness and disease.