Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Wealth

Most People have desire to have more money and become rich. More than that, this is used by people to measure success. If they have strong financial wealth, luxury car, housing or condominium it means they are successful. the term success refers not only to wealth but to all aspects of life.Wealth is one of goals that we must arrange in our life. Without goal, we will tend to be caught up in routines and monotonous existence instead of designing our wealth and destiny.
Creating your wealth in investment can be done through :
a. Active Income
The income we get by working or doing business.
b.Pasive Income 
The income that we get without having to work such as investment in : Saving, Mutual Fund, Rental Property, Gold, Stock, Bond and Insurance, as Silent or passive partner in Business etc.

We can Allocate our asset in the above investment but there isn't fixed portion in whole time because there are several factors that make us allocate our asset in different portions :

1. Types of investor
a. Conservative ( A Conservative investor prefer choose safer Investment)
b.Moderate (A Moderate Investor is an investor who invests Conservatively but also add some aggressive)
c. Aggressive(Risk Taker)

2. Trend and Timing
As we know that not all the time the pricing of property will increase especially in stock, Mutual Fund. So, we must be smart to invest in investment. As usual if the trend is bull(increase) even though there's fluctuation but there is a tendency for an overall increase after some time and vice versa. So, we must be smart in analyzing if the trend is up or down in order make decision and arrange our goal in investment.

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