Rabu, 21 Maret 2012


"Dreams is to dare, To Fear is to Fail"
During childHood Every single person always has dream. Even Everyone also has dreams during his or her lifetime. a dream initiates our purpose of life and sparks our feeling of destiny. a dream gives us hope for the future and it also bring us power at presen.

if we know our dreams or what we want to achieve, say, next month we'll go overseas or to go to beijing olympic'08 in china, it isn;t th joy and happiness we feel when  we arrive in china but the feeling starts as soon as we decide to visit china because our heart if filled with the feeling of joyfulness while waiting to visit there. teh same with our dream, our goal and our success. we'll feel happy in the journey to success not only when we reach it.

A dream can provide you with a reason to go, a path to follow and target to reach. as yogi Bera remarked "if you don't know where you are going, you might wind up some place else". if during our life time we haveno goals as we choose we will live according to other people's goalsthat are always different from our goal and this is profitable only for the people who set the goals. Life is a choice, we can choose our goals that we love to achieve or jut according to other people's goals that we don't like.

if you haven't discovered your dream, you probably realize how much you have missed. as Nolan Busnell said "Everyone gets an idea in the shower. But succesfull ones get out of the shower, dry off , and do something about it." when  we have a dream, we're not just spectators sitting back hoping everything turns out all right. We 're taking an active part in shaping the purpose and meaning of our lives.29

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