Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Suffering or punishment

People always do something or nothing to avoid pain, suffering and punishment. for example, employees always try to arrive at their office or working place on time, because of to avoid the clock timer to punch th card red, because it can reduce their salary and even poor job assessment by the boss or manager.

Pleasure and pain are common reasons that cause people to do or not to do things. there is nothing wrong with that, but there are extraordinary things that cause people to take action  or not, it is not because of pleasure or pain, but bacause of expression from the botton of their heart, love and flashing spirit to do something.

for example : employees arrive at office no because of the fear of reduction in their salary or poor job assesment by the manager, but really because of expression from the botton of their heart and with the spirit that cause him to come at the office earlier and provide excellent services and contribution to everyone connected with him.

As a student who study there is not to avoid failure in final the test or to get the 1'st rank present, but it is really valuable for him to study and to understand deeply. I convince this student that he is not only passes the exam but he'll also be a champion.

And also in our career and bussiness. it should n't be money that we pursue, it should be th career and business that are valueable for us, so wholeheartedly our thinking and energy will really concentrate on the field that we run and give the service with lov and sincere heart to the society and do it with flashing spirit for the goal not for money, yet achievement, famous and prosperity will come to us.27

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