Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Gaol Must Have : Specific and clear objective

As i ever mentioned before, what we would like to attain must be clear and not too general, such as if you'd like to buy shoes so you will point what model of the shoes you want. it's funny if you enter a shoes store or boutique and tell the shopkeeper, " I'd like to buy shoes,please, '" but you don't point or specify the model you want and how many pairs. probably you'll get old fashion shoes and you won't like them. the same is true  when you set a goal. You have to spell out what you intend to do. we must express our goals in specific terms such as what position you want to be, what field of bussiness and with whom you want to build your bussiness how much income you want to get in one month,etc.

The more specific you are the more focused your mind and effort. Specific and clear goals will lead to effecitive strategies and actions. if you want to improve your skills in learning foreign languages, you must know what languages you want to study whether Mandarin, English or Japanase Language. If you'd like to study Computing skills you must also know what computer programs you want to take such as Graphics Design, Multimedia, C Programming, Visual Basic.Net or Autocad. After you design your goals, every single goal you must divide them into sub goals which support your main goals. For example, your goal is to study Mandarin, the sub goals are :

  • 1 week 2 (Two) hours to study Mandarin
  • Study at which Mandarin School/Institution
  • Start from when... and will accomplish it when...
  • Study Mandarin in Simplified System (Han Yu Pin Yin) or Traditional System(Zen Kai)
And it doesn't matter how big your goal is, you can break it dawn into smaller parts. if you have a big goal you can start it with small step "Baby Step" and if you think you can't do it by your self, You can ask others or business partners to join or merge it together so you have the power to fulfill your goals.

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