Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Mental and Intellectual

Not only does the body need exercise, But also our mind needs to develop. in developing our mental and intellectual means we make our self improvement, which can also influence other aspects of our Life. For example we increase our knowladge, education, learn more about life, mental exercise. All of these can improve our relationships, so we know how to treat people, maintain relationships either with oru partner or others;  improve our wealth, from books, seminar, workshop, training which can increase our knowladge, intellegence so we will improve our skills and also the way of thinking and decisions in work or business or investment. More reading and paritcipating in health seminar also give input for us so we will take more care the health and know how to do it.
education isn't for ourselves, but we also prepare or plan education for our children. We prepare good education for them as an investment for their future. And also because of they are our next generation to continue our business.
Our Children as the next generation have to continue our bussiness. Thus, we aren't only given the hair for them but also we transfer the spirit and business skills to them.
and if you have a bussiness you should not only educate your children but also your potential customers and existing customers. First, you educate your product knowledge or service or facilities that are provided you. Educate your customers as one of your Intellectual goals in Business.
Nowadays, " if your are an entrepreneur whatever your profession is, you must also master information technology 'Hi-Tech' such as computing. You should not only master the basic one but also master it more deeply such as : Networking, Information System, Concept, E-Commerce etc. So, you aren't just as an Enterpreneur but also a Technopreneur.

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Health

Besides setting goals in wealth, family and relationships, another goal that we must set up is in health. in healthy condition we have better concentration, more energy in doing our job and bussiness and also more take care our family and make better relationships with other people. 

health also can be built by thinking health. It founds so simple and unrelated. Just as you think success, expect it, visualize it, and feel you already attain it, so if you want to be healthy, you must think health, you must expect it and visualize it, you must attract it by making your mind a huge health magnet to attract more health, abundant of health. Actually at first the disease is in thought if the mind is filled with vision of ill, the body will coresspond because our body is an extension of our thought.

health is everlasting reality, disease is the absence of reality, it is only what it seems like. Never think of yourself as weak, disease, sick, deficiency in any faculty, in any function. Think of yourself as perfect, healthy, and immortal and your mind and body will tend to respond to this demand for wholeness and completeness.
if you think health, dream health, talk health and if you believe that you are going to be strong and healthy because this is your bithright. You will be living in healthiness and have power of divine mind over all sickness and disease.

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Relationships and family

In Relationships, We always pass it and seldom plan for improving our relationships and family. Relationships are mutually defined Each participant contributes importantly to its definition. The terms, rules and guidelines are set out together. it sounds ridiculous, That's the relationship with the family or friends, not in business or military, why so strict and odd. therefore, if you don't like the deal, don't just blame your partner. You have ownership of that relationships, to avoid and handle the problem if it happens out of our prediction rather than just complain about the problem, to blame other participants or ourselve even to break the relationships.

So, if you want to have the best boy or gil friend, be the best spouse. if you want to have the best staff be greatest boss. if you want to have the best cooperation with business partners, be the most cooperative business partner.

Goal Setting Your purpose of life : Wealth

Most People have desire to have more money and become rich. More than that, this is used by people to measure success. If they have strong financial wealth, luxury car, housing or condominium it means they are successful. the term success refers not only to wealth but to all aspects of life.Wealth is one of goals that we must arrange in our life. Without goal, we will tend to be caught up in routines and monotonous existence instead of designing our wealth and destiny.
Creating your wealth in investment can be done through :
a. Active Income
The income we get by working or doing business.
b.Pasive Income 
The income that we get without having to work such as investment in : Saving, Mutual Fund, Rental Property, Gold, Stock, Bond and Insurance, as Silent or passive partner in Business etc.

We can Allocate our asset in the above investment but there isn't fixed portion in whole time because there are several factors that make us allocate our asset in different portions :

1. Types of investor
a. Conservative ( A Conservative investor prefer choose safer Investment)
b.Moderate (A Moderate Investor is an investor who invests Conservatively but also add some aggressive)
c. Aggressive(Risk Taker)

2. Trend and Timing
As we know that not all the time the pricing of property will increase especially in stock, Mutual Fund. So, we must be smart to invest in investment. As usual if the trend is bull(increase) even though there's fluctuation but there is a tendency for an overall increase after some time and vice versa. So, we must be smart in analyzing if the trend is up or down in order make decision and arrange our goal in investment.

Goal Must Have : Deadline

Each Goal must be timely stated, namely the starting and the completion date for it. You must not only write ot but you should  make commitment to do ot punctually. if don't, you can get into trouble. that's because without deadline to start and finish, most goals never come to reality. if you'd like to build your own business such as Restaurant,  a Computer shop, or a Bontique you can set the date you start to prepare your business such as looking for a place, staff, the date for the soft opening and grand opening, etc.

Setting a date for establishing the company helps you to ensure you can do it on time. People always delay or postpone doing something until the deadline, so without deadline people will postpone doing something for  an unlimited time. So, the goals can't be reached if we just flow according to our daily acitvities

Goal Must Have : Great and Exciting

Most People think that setting the great goals is crazy. the thought of achieving something so great than what you have in your imagination would boost your energy.great goals that seem almost impossible at time you set them, but the possiblility of achieveing them will create a sense of excitement.

if you have income of $ 1000 per month an your goal is only to increase $500, i don't think you should make a jump and have burning spirit too reach this goal, but if you extend your goal to have an income of  $100.000 per month and you are committed to earning this amount it will certainly drive you have more burning desire, concentration and multiple way to reach the goal and take more action. I believe that the most powerful goals you can set are great goals. Because great goals extend your abilities and skills beyond your current level. they forced you to think out of the box and take a big bang action.

Goal Must Have : Write it Down

The process of writing down goals help you to clarify what you want to get, to do, to understand the importance of your goals yoi ever set but bot yet accomplished and to commit yourself to making them happen and also more accountable. writing the goals at your agenda makes you a life planner or designer. our destiny doesn't just happen eventually.

if we give effort to desin our destiny so we can enjoy bright future according what we plan although the result isn't 100 % but if we have a blue print of goals we'll walk on the pathway to reach the goals, thus if you can't reach the top of your goals and if you're lucky, you may reach the summit or over the top. it's still much better than we never arrange our future and we don't know where we will go, just flow with te routines. 

Years by years without realizing we can do greater than before. it would be  fortunate, if we realize it  when we are they have a giant potential in themselves so they can also do extraordinary performance or achievement.

Gaol Must Have : Specific and clear objective

As i ever mentioned before, what we would like to attain must be clear and not too general, such as if you'd like to buy shoes so you will point what model of the shoes you want. it's funny if you enter a shoes store or boutique and tell the shopkeeper, " I'd like to buy shoes,please, '" but you don't point or specify the model you want and how many pairs. probably you'll get old fashion shoes and you won't like them. the same is true  when you set a goal. You have to spell out what you intend to do. we must express our goals in specific terms such as what position you want to be, what field of bussiness and with whom you want to build your bussiness how much income you want to get in one month,etc.

The more specific you are the more focused your mind and effort. Specific and clear goals will lead to effecitive strategies and actions. if you want to improve your skills in learning foreign languages, you must know what languages you want to study whether Mandarin, English or Japanase Language. If you'd like to study Computing skills you must also know what computer programs you want to take such as Graphics Design, Multimedia, C Programming, Visual Basic.Net or Autocad. After you design your goals, every single goal you must divide them into sub goals which support your main goals. For example, your goal is to study Mandarin, the sub goals are :

  • 1 week 2 (Two) hours to study Mandarin
  • Study at which Mandarin School/Institution
  • Start from when... and will accomplish it when...
  • Study Mandarin in Simplified System (Han Yu Pin Yin) or Traditional System(Zen Kai)
And it doesn't matter how big your goal is, you can break it dawn into smaller parts. if you have a big goal you can start it with small step "Baby Step" and if you think you can't do it by your self, You can ask others or business partners to join or merge it together so you have the power to fulfill your goals.

Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Suffering or punishment

People always do something or nothing to avoid pain, suffering and punishment. for example, employees always try to arrive at their office or working place on time, because of to avoid the clock timer to punch th card red, because it can reduce their salary and even poor job assessment by the boss or manager.

Pleasure and pain are common reasons that cause people to do or not to do things. there is nothing wrong with that, but there are extraordinary things that cause people to take action  or not, it is not because of pleasure or pain, but bacause of expression from the botton of their heart, love and flashing spirit to do something.

for example : employees arrive at office no because of the fear of reduction in their salary or poor job assesment by the manager, but really because of expression from the botton of their heart and with the spirit that cause him to come at the office earlier and provide excellent services and contribution to everyone connected with him.

As a student who study there is not to avoid failure in final the test or to get the 1'st rank present, but it is really valuable for him to study and to understand deeply. I convince this student that he is not only passes the exam but he'll also be a champion.

And also in our career and bussiness. it should n't be money that we pursue, it should be th career and business that are valueable for us, so wholeheartedly our thinking and energy will really concentrate on the field that we run and give the service with lov and sincere heart to the society and do it with flashing spirit for the goal not for money, yet achievement, famous and prosperity will come to us.27


"Dreams is to dare, To Fear is to Fail"
During childHood Every single person always has dream. Even Everyone also has dreams during his or her lifetime. a dream initiates our purpose of life and sparks our feeling of destiny. a dream gives us hope for the future and it also bring us power at presen.

if we know our dreams or what we want to achieve, say, next month we'll go overseas or to go to beijing olympic'08 in china, it isn;t th joy and happiness we feel when  we arrive in china but the feeling starts as soon as we decide to visit china because our heart if filled with the feeling of joyfulness while waiting to visit there. teh same with our dream, our goal and our success. we'll feel happy in the journey to success not only when we reach it.

A dream can provide you with a reason to go, a path to follow and target to reach. as yogi Bera remarked "if you don't know where you are going, you might wind up some place else". if during our life time we haveno goals as we choose we will live according to other people's goalsthat are always different from our goal and this is profitable only for the people who set the goals. Life is a choice, we can choose our goals that we love to achieve or jut according to other people's goals that we don't like.

if you haven't discovered your dream, you probably realize how much you have missed. as Nolan Busnell said "Everyone gets an idea in the shower. But succesfull ones get out of the shower, dry off , and do something about it." when  we have a dream, we're not just spectators sitting back hoping everything turns out all right. We 're taking an active part in shaping the purpose and meaning of our lives.29