Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Must Have : Deadline

Each Goal must be timely stated, namely the starting and the completion date for it. You must not only write ot but you should  make commitment to do ot punctually. if don't, you can get into trouble. that's because without deadline to start and finish, most goals never come to reality. if you'd like to build your own business such as Restaurant,  a Computer shop, or a Bontique you can set the date you start to prepare your business such as looking for a place, staff, the date for the soft opening and grand opening, etc.

Setting a date for establishing the company helps you to ensure you can do it on time. People always delay or postpone doing something until the deadline, so without deadline people will postpone doing something for  an unlimited time. So, the goals can't be reached if we just flow according to our daily acitvities

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