Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Must Have : Great and Exciting

Most People think that setting the great goals is crazy. the thought of achieving something so great than what you have in your imagination would boost your energy.great goals that seem almost impossible at time you set them, but the possiblility of achieveing them will create a sense of excitement.

if you have income of $ 1000 per month an your goal is only to increase $500, i don't think you should make a jump and have burning spirit too reach this goal, but if you extend your goal to have an income of  $100.000 per month and you are committed to earning this amount it will certainly drive you have more burning desire, concentration and multiple way to reach the goal and take more action. I believe that the most powerful goals you can set are great goals. Because great goals extend your abilities and skills beyond your current level. they forced you to think out of the box and take a big bang action.

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