Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Goal Must Have : Write it Down

The process of writing down goals help you to clarify what you want to get, to do, to understand the importance of your goals yoi ever set but bot yet accomplished and to commit yourself to making them happen and also more accountable. writing the goals at your agenda makes you a life planner or designer. our destiny doesn't just happen eventually.

if we give effort to desin our destiny so we can enjoy bright future according what we plan although the result isn't 100 % but if we have a blue print of goals we'll walk on the pathway to reach the goals, thus if you can't reach the top of your goals and if you're lucky, you may reach the summit or over the top. it's still much better than we never arrange our future and we don't know where we will go, just flow with te routines. 

Years by years without realizing we can do greater than before. it would be  fortunate, if we realize it  when we are they have a giant potential in themselves so they can also do extraordinary performance or achievement.

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